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Kristine Barnett: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know



Kristine Barnett Facebook

Kristine Barnett is an author, public speaker, and longtime advocate for education for autistic children. She first graced national media coverage when her pre-teen son, Jake, enrolled as an undergraduate at Purdue University. Barnett has traveled around the country talking about her strategies for homeschooling her brilliant son, who has autism. More recently, she’s been charged for neglect of a child in a bizarre case, in which she claims the young child she and her husband adopted in 2010 was actually an adult woman.

Specifically, Barnett and her now ex-husband, Michael Barnett, are accused of leaving their adopted daughter in an apartment in Indianapolis, though Michael contends that they paid for rent for several months. The location of this girl’s whereabouts are unknown.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Barnett & Her Ex-Husband, Michael Barnett, Adopted an Eight-Year-Old Girl in 2010; She Became Convinced the Girl Was Actually a Sociopathic Adult

Kristine Barnett

Kristine Barnett Facebook

To a local news statement, Barnett explained how her 2010 adoption of what she believed to be a nine-year-old girl was actually “a scam.” She went on to allege that she soon found out her adopted daughter was a diagnosed psychopath.

Per WISHTV, court documents state that a doctor estimated her age to be around eight years old in 2010; however, she didn’t have a birth certificate. She also has a type of dwarfism called spondyloepiphyseal, the publication reports.

In 2014, the Barnetts moved to Indianapolis and rented an apartment for the girl. Her location now is unknown. The Barnetts divorced shortly after, WISHTV reports.

2. Barnett Has Been Charged With Abandonment; Her Adopted Daughter’s Location Is Not Known

Kristine Barnett

Kristine Barnett Facebook

Both Barnett, 45, and her ex-husband Michael, 43, have been charged with neglect of a dependent.

In response to these charges, Barnett’s community has rallied around her, with some even creating a fundraising page to help Barnett pay for a lawyer. One friend of Barnett’s who posted about the fundraiser on a Facebook group shed further light on the apparent situation . She wrote,

As of Thursday, The State of Indiana as well as the media have claimed that Kristine adopted a child, abandoned the child, and fled the country. This as well as news of her arrest, before a warrant was served have been spreading through out the world via news. Long before allegations arose Kristine had explained what occurred. She and her (now former) husband had been scammed by an adoption agency. An individual who was brought here by the agency in 2008 was adopted to the Barnett family in 2010, after having spent time with other families. She had dwarfism and severe mental health issues, including psychosis.

She posed as an 8 yr old child at the time. After drs. evaluations it was determined that the individual was actually an adult. Kristine has submitted the drs report to the media. As well as at the time, the Barnetts had submitted this information to the state. At the time the state accepted the documents as valid. Kristine even reports that the state conducted thorough investigations and also came to the same conclusion. Through appeal to the courts, her age was legally changed to that of an adult. The Barnetts helped the individual while she was in and out of mental health institutions. After sometime it was decided that she was able to live independently, as long as she remained under a drs supervision. The Barnetts helped her obtain housing, as they could no longer have her in the home. They had endured physical attack and feared for their safety. They did not flee the country, to escape any legal issues or wrongdoing, as the media has alleged.

Barnett has also noted that notable publications like The Washington Post posted a mugshot of the wrong women, showing another white blonde women who appears to be decades older than Barnett. In a Facebook post, Barnett wrote on September 15, “I am having to come in here to confirm I am not arrested and my attorney states and has confirmed there is no warrant for my arrest. You want a mugshot Washington post get the right girl. And also find an actual criminal.”

3. Barnett & Her Husband Michael Have Three Other Children Together; Jake Barnett Went to College at 12 Years Old

The Barnett have three other sons under their care: Jake, Wes, and Evan. Jake Barnett was a topic of national discussion in 2012 when it was reported that he would attend Purdue University as a preteen.

Jake has autism; his mother, Barnett, took him out of school and homeschooled him, leading to the book she would eventually write: The Spark: A Mother’s Story of Nurturing Genius. The book’s movie rights were sold to Warner Brothers.

To The Indianapolis Star, Barnett explained the decision to move their family first to Indianapolis, for Jake’s college, and then onwards to Waterloo, Ontario, so that he could study at the INstitute for Theoretical Physics. “It was a big move for our family and one that we knew was coming for Jacob,” she said. “We knew Jacob would exhaust the curriculum in Indiana, and we knew that he would need to go to another school one day. We love Indiana, and Indiana will always be a big part of us in our hearts.”

4. Michael Barnett Told Authorities He Always Thought Their Adopted Daughter Was a Child, & That His Wife Persuaded Him to Say Otherwise

Though Barnett has maintained that she is innocent of any crime, WISHTV reports that her ex-husband, Michael did believe their former adopted daughter was a child. What’s more, he has reportedly told authorities that he was coached by his wife to say that she wasn’t.

5. Barnett Is a Published Author; She Wrote About Jake’s Autism & Frequently Tours the Nation to Talk About Her Homeschooling Methods

Barnett’s book is available on Amazon.

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