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I am in a good mood today so I have decided to share the whatsapp numbers of these sweet sugar mummies. If you want their photos, follow the instructions to get them:

Here are some numbers : +33644***911, +33644***58, +447441***942, +447520***887, +1520***7908, +1272***0778

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Message From Sugar Mummy

It was almost unbelievable, the way I found this sugar mummy website. It was through a local radio show and they mentioned this website for mature women who sort to be sugar mummies. They said they have confirmed it’s genuine and was recommending it. I was shocked but interested. I have always loved to be a sugar mummy and date younger men. My major problem is I am very shy and so walking up to a younger man is difficult. There were times I tried but I just couldn’t complete a conversation. At least with this website, it should be a little easier.

First of all, the nature of my work means I have to travel a lot. Most times, I end up feeling very lonely when I travel. It would be nice to have a young man who can travel with me. I can be his sugar mummy if that is what he is looking for. I will spend and provide a lot for him. His travel fees and all his expenses is something I can handle without ease. My man has to be very confident. Been that I am quite shy even as a sugar mummy, he would have to bring me out of my shell.

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