6 Things To Do As a Man To Make Your Woman Fall More Deeply In love With You


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If there’s a woman you genuinely love and care about, you may be eager for her to reciprocate your feelings. While you can’t make someone fall in love with you, there are some things you can do to improve your chances. By taking the time to show a woman you’re a fun, compassionate person, you may be able to win her love.

Men — we love them. Like really, really love them. We can’t live without them and we certainly don’t want to. We enjoy all of the little things they do that make them so much hotter. Here are 12 things men do that women really adore.


Learn some love language. No, this type isn’t the sweet talk you might offer during a chat. This is about identifying the messages that body language gives off when we’re attracted to someone else. There are a few basic messages that your body language communicates when you are interested in someone:

  • I’m available
  • I’m approachable and open
  • I’m interested
  • I’m fertile

Make eye contact. The eyes are the windows to the soul. They’re also really good clues as to whether someone is interested in you or not. Eye contact communicates a bunch of messages, including some you might not be aware of.

  • Make eye contact with her, and maintain it for 4-5 seconds. Give her a smile. If she returns your gaze and smiles back, you may be in luck.
  • Eye contact while you’re talking with someone signals interest and engagement. If she’s looking at you about 70% of the time while you’re talking and about 50% of the time while she’s talking, it’s a good sign that she’s interested in the interaction. (You can signal your interest by following the same ratios.)
  • When we’re aroused (through stress, sexual desire, what have you) our pupils dilate. If her pupils look dilated, she may be excited to see you.

Please us in the bedroom.When a man can make it happen for you, how elated are you? It’s so exciting it’s almost like winning a tournament. A man who wants to pleasure you, so you really enjoy               yourself, well, now that’s how I define a good man. He gets an extra             applause if it’s from something he doesn’t ordinarily like doing.

Compromise is key.How many times has your man done something he doesn’t want to because you asked him to? When a man does something for us that he wouldn’t ordinarily want to           do, it makes our hearts melt. Being sweet and thoughtful                     always goes a long way. We so appreciate you doing                           something you’re not eager to do.
Flash her a winning smile. If she returns your smile, it could signal that she enjoys your interaction. However, some people also smile when they’re nervous or uncomfortable. Watch which muscles move when she                 smiles.

  • Genuine, or duchenne, smiles, use the muscles around the eyes as well as around the mouth. Fake smiles tend to only use the muscles around the mouth (although some people are very good at faking). If she isn’t smiling with her eyes, she may be feeling uncomfortable or trying to appease you.

Give her a reason to notice you. Do something that will make her take notice of you. Don’t try to make yourself into something you aren’t, though. Being yourself (maybe the best possible version of             you) is the best way to ensure that if she’s                         interested in you, she’s really interested in you, not             somebody you’re trying to be to get yourself noticed.
  • Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, and dress in clothes that express something about you. You don’t have to be a fashion model or a superstar athlete, but keeping yourself neat, clean, and groomed will show off your physical health, which humans have evolved to find innately attractive.
  • Studies show that women value social traits, such as compassion and friendliness, as highly (or even more) than physical attractiveness. Do something that shows you care about other people. Volunteer at your local food bank, give blood, bail a friend out of a sticky situation, organize a charity auction. Show her that there’s more to you than meets the eye. She’ll be impressed that you give back and curious about what else you have to offer.
  • Show her your funny side. Research shows that both men and women rank a sense of humor as one of the most attractive qualities in a potential partner. Joke around, make others laugh — just don’t belittle or use mean or bitter humor, because that’s a surefire way to kill the mood instantly. A little playfulness is also likely to benefit you.
  • Excel at something you’re good at, preferably in her company. What do you do well? It could be anything from tennis, rock climbing, or football, to humor, math, or debate. Whatever it is, stand out for excellence in that area.
  • Signal with your own body language. Women tend to be better at interpreting body language than men are, which can be good for you if you know how to use it. Things like making your body a little bigger, squaring your shoulders when you stand, and playfully bumping or elbowing your guy friends if you’re all hanging out with her can help signal that you’re trying to get her attention.
  • Put yourself out there. Remember: fortune favors the brave. If you’re stuck in your apartment constantly, you’re probably not using your time in the best way. And if you don’t hit a challenge at least some of the time, you might never see results.
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